Co-creating the final steps of the roadmap

The roadmap prototype aims to improve the clinical trials experience for families

In our penultimate co-creation workshop, held on 24 January 2024, a small group of knowledgeable and enthusiastic participants worked together to create the final steps of a roadmap for parents whose child may be enrolled in a clinical trial.

The participants concentrated on the final steps of the roadmap, considering what needs to happen and what information should be given once the clinical trial or their child’s participation in it has officially ended.

They also discussed the role of parent organisations in the whole roadmap process, noting that they play a key role in disseminating news about the trial and in other aspects, for example in lending their advice when creating and reviewing communications materials provided by the clinical trials team to parents.

Using a co-creation and co-design mindset, the participants in our recent workshops have created an important prototype which can be used and refined in the case of a future PREMSTEM trial. The idea of creating a clear roadmap for parents came out of conversations we had with this stakeholder group during one-on-one interviews. Having identified this need, we have concentrated on co-creating such a resource during the last three workshops with stakeholders representative of different groups.

The feedback on the process has been positive from all participants, with one clinician noting the benefits of creating the roadmap alongside parents and how these interactions between different stakeholder groups had opened her mind up to new possibilities.

In our final co-creation workshop we will discuss issues/problems which came up in one-on-one discussions with clinicians.

  • Workshop 10: Thursday 15 February 2024 – 8-11am Central European Time | 6-9pm Australian Eastern Time

Any new participants who would like to take part can sign up on Eventbrite.