premstem is seeking to appoint a co-creation facilitator


PREMSTEM aims to take its stem cell therapy to clinical trial. Through co-creation activities, we aim to engage our stakeholders early on and throughout the project. Given their differing personal and professional experiences and circumstances, their participation and contributions will provide a range of distinct perspectives beyond those of the research consortium.

co-creation objectives

We are seeking an experienced service provider to develop co-creation activities which will unveil insights into stakeholder opinion through online or in-person workshops, and assist with the planning of other tools such as surveys or interviews. Co-creation outcomes will inform our exploitation and communication strategies as we pave the way for future clinical trials.

Goals of the co-creation sessions include:

  • Receive specific input and diverse perspectives from key stakeholders to identify concerns and potential obstacles to achieve project aims
  • Identify the ultimate project outcomes of importance to each stakeholder in the neonatal ecosystem
  • Lay the groundwork for societal and professional acceptance to perform clinical trials with stem cells in medically fragile preterm infants
Credit: Pixabay

scope of work

The service provider’s expertise in design thinking and creative methodologies, and their experience in delivering co-creation activities, will complement the capabilities and knowledge within the PREMSTEM consortium.

The target audience for the co-creation program may be segmented based on the activities and includes:

  • Patient/Consumer Advisory Board (PCAB)
  • Ethics/Institutional Review Board committee members
  • Parents/carers of preterm babies and young children eligible for the future treatment
  • Patient/consumer organisations (advocacy groups)
  • Clinicians and other health professionals
  • Researchers
  • Policy makers
  • Governance/regulatory bodies

It is imperative that co-creation activities are conducted in a respectful and sensitive way as those with firsthand experience of preterm birth may feel vulnerable or emotional about the topic.

Co-creation activities and reporting are to be delivered between 2021 and April 2024.

Expected deliverables

  • Plan of co-creation activities with clear timelines, and description and assignment of tasks (broken down by external service provider and various PREMSTEM partners)
  • In-depth interviews with key stakeholder groups including analysis of interview outcomes and implementable recommendations provided as an in-depth written report
  • Facilitation and delivery of co-creation online or in-person workshops with support materials (slides, reading materials, templates) including analysis of workshop outcomes and implementable recommendations provided as an in-depth written report
  • Final report on co-creation insights and outcomes with implementable recommendations to inform PREMSTEM exploitation plan and communication strategy at the conclusion of all co-creation activities

Quotation requirements

  • Quotation to include a cost breakdown per activity/deliverable and proposed timeline (commencing in 2021 and ending by April 2024)
  • Quotation to refer to PREMSTEM Horizon 2020 project 
  • Quotation to not exceed co-creation activity budget of €19,000


For the selection of the co-creation workshop facilitator, the best value for money principle will prevail. The PREMSTEM team will assess proposals according to:

  • Evidence of relevant past experience delivering co-creation activities
  • Alignment with PREMSTEM co-creation brief 
  • Perceived value for money

timeline and brief

Please carefully read the full brief and notify PREMSTEM with your intention to quote by Friday 4 June 2021.

All proposals to be submitted to PREMSTEM by Friday 11 June 2021.