PREMSTEM meeting May 2022

Our first consortium meeting of 2022 was an opportunity to discuss the latest updates from our labs and to plan our annual meeting

The University of Gothenburg team is working hard on their extensive studies of the effect of the mesenchymal stem cells in a rat model of germinal matrix hemorrhage (a type of brain injury seen in preterm babies) in which they’re testing different dosages, timings and ways to administer the stem cells.

There has been significant progress in the Maastricht University labs where the researchers are looking at the short and long-term effects of the stem cells in a sheep model of brain injury, which includes monitoring changes in behaviour, brain function and movement.

Various teams continue to look at the effects of the stem cells on five target cells – peripheral immune cells, neurons, oligodendrocytes, neural stem cells and microglia – with promising results so far.

The ICONEUS team presented an exciting short video showing the type of 3D imaging technology which will be eventually used in PREMSTEM.

EFCNI presented updates on the communication and exploitation aspects of the project, noting the upcoming co-creation workshops and new research highlights section of the website.

Finally, this year’s annual meeting will be hosted by UMCU and is expected to take place face-to-face in September.

PREMSTEM meeting May 2022