Introducing Doctor Cindy Bokobza

Cindy received her PhD in neuroscience in 2019 and is now a postdoctoral research scientist in the lab of NeuroDiderot-Gressens in Paris

What is your area of research specialism and what attracted you to it?

I am working on brain inflammation during the neonatal period, which can have massive consequences later in the child’s life. Understanding the underlying mechanisms of this inflammation can lead to a significant improvement in the lives of the baby and their family.

What has been your proudest research accomplishment so far?

Recently, I was able to demonstrate that there is social deficit in a model of neonatal neuroinflammation, moreover that there is a spatio-temporal inflammation in this model.

What is the most important question you want to address in your research?

Whether we can change clinical outcomes by acting at the cellular/molecular level.

What is your lab’s role on the PREMSTEM project?

The Inserm team is one of the first to be involved in the PREMSTEM research project because we are determining the dose, age and way to administrate stem cells in different models.

What is innovative about PREMSTEM? Why is this research important?

PREMSTEM brings together many labs with different models to test the potential impact of stem cells in white matter defects.

What is the most significant outcome you hope PREMSTEM can achieve?

I hope PREMSTEM will lead to a clinical study that could change preterm infants’ lives.

Can we change clinical outcomes by acting at the cellular/molecular level?

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